Fred And Rose

30 October 2014

Don't forget to tune into Channel 5 next Thursday 6th November for a dramatisation of the Fred And Rose West Story featuring Scott Brown as young Fred West..

Rosie Nikolich

30 October 2014

Well Done to Rosie Nikolich who is recording the second part of the new Roberts Bakery Campaign today!

Rakim Mohammed

30 October 2014

'Break A Leg'! to Rakim Mohammed who is auditioning in London today for an exciting new ITV Drama 10x60 minute episodes!

JB Shorts

08 October 2014

Excited to be heading down to JB Shorts tonight with Christopher Maloney from Love Casting and Martin Hancock from Casting Networks UK!

ALRA Showcase..

07 October 2014

Looking forward to seeing some undiscovered, talented artists from the North and South, tomorrow afternoon at the ALRA Showcase.



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